A leaf’s Perspective. Nutrient Cycle. 

I broke off and fell…
slowly, silently I sunk deeper
engulfed in the fresh coolness of now
lost in time apparent…

Descending down deeper I swished,
peacefully my body caressed by the soothing air around me.
I peered up into the dim glow from where I came, 
ceding to the draw of my new roll.

tumbling tranquilly, a lull in the process of life.
I tentatively travelled the same path as my ancestors.
I could feel the cold creeping in as I neared my rest,
Slowly, softly I touched the ground.

I sighed and closed my eyes…
The cycle was as it should be,
as it always was.

A fleeting memory fluttering by as I faded
becoming the very source of life itself.
My journey is my roll, an obligation to fulfil.
Generations of life based bravely on the souls of the past. 
By Vaughn Du Plooy 


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