A leaf’s Perspective. Nutrient Cycle. 

​ I broke off and fell… slowly, silently I sunk deeper engulfed in the fresh coolness of now lost in time apparent… Descending down deeper I swished, peacefully my body caressed by the soothing air around me. I peered up into the dim glow from where I came,  ceding to the draw of my newContinue reading “A leaf’s Perspective. Nutrient Cycle. “

Just my opinion: A moment of Solitude.

It has been a little while since I last wrote something, but as I sit here in a somewhat unfamiliar but very peaceful and beautifully different setting, I feel completely at ease. I have always found that I am only really able to write when my mind is in a relaxed state, the words seemContinue reading “Just my opinion: A moment of Solitude.”

In fading light: The sleeping bull and his wondering friend.

It was starting to get a bit late on a humid, overcast summer evening as I lay on the ground under a Fever tree in the truly magical Fever Tree forest in the Pafuri Triangle in Northern Kruger National Park. I lazily lifted my head up and looked across at my back up, she wasContinue reading “In fading light: The sleeping bull and his wondering friend.”

Just my opinion: The great rifle debate.

“You are going to do the Distance exercise. You have four rounds in your magazine. Chamber, aim and fire at the 15m target, chamber, aim and fire at the 10m target, chamber, aim and fire at the 5m target, chamber, aim but do not fire your fourth round at the 5m target. Do you understand?”,Continue reading “Just my opinion: The great rifle debate.”


Leopards are solitary predators that actively mark and defend territories. Both male and female leopards are territorial with a male’s territory usually encompassing a couple smaller leopardess territories. They are phenomenal hunters that use stealth and raw power to bring down their prey, using their phenomenal stalking skills to painstakingly approach their intended target toContinue reading “SPOTTED SIGNIFICANCE: Leopard Cubs.”

Just my opinion: The elephant in the room.

Seeing the Big 5 while on an African Safari is an incredibly exhilarating experience! The ‘big and hairies’ are the most famous of the huge diversity of mammals in Africa and for good reason. Yes birds are cool and botany is great, hell even geology can be interesting if explained in the right way, butContinue reading “Just my opinion: The elephant in the room.”

The Wilderness Decision.

In the fading of forgotten silence the message of wilderness is clear, the truth of love and meaningful connection, significance held so dear. In the simplicity of silence our hearts can sing, and our journeys of growth and discovery must ultimately begin. The secrets of understanding the wilderness around, through searching our minds the answersContinue reading “The Wilderness Decision.”

A day in the life of a Warthog: Part 3

A moment blurred by splattering mud, squeeks, growls, teeth and tushes is followed by you bursting out of the confusion at breakneck speed, closely followed by a hungry and now somewhat upset lioness. You run as fast as your little legs can take you with swift, sharp swerves left and right in attempt to escapeContinue reading “A day in the life of a Warthog: Part 3”