Just my opinion: Lessons from wilderness


Through lessons of Dignity, Respect, Humility, Patience and acceptance we are taught some of the most valuable lessons in Life. I have been amazingly privileged to not only work in one of the last true remaining wilderness areas left in Southern Africa, but also live there! My time spent wondering around this wild land has taught me many lessons. Some of which I would like to share with you now…

As you walk along the trail that is life, there are a variety of different paths or directions you can take. The amazing thing is that you can choose whichever path you want! And there is nothing stopping you from stopping and changing direction a little further down the line if you so wish. Some of us were meant to be accountants, some to be doctors, lawyers, firemen, waiters, massage therapists, or mechanics. Some meant to be painters, singers, actors, comedians or poets. Some where meant to be teachers, factory workers or engineers, some adventurers or explorers…whatever you are meant to be and whatever you do, do it with your whole heart and do it to the best of your ability. Know that every path has its uphills and its downhills and every path will have its obstacles and challenges but that is the adventure in life! It is during these rough patches that you develop character. Its then that you get to know yourself, to grow.


Of course there is going to be good times and bad, just like there is dark and light or pain and joy. It is how you deal with these times and experiences that count. It is important to understand that you are in control of only what is directly in front of you. You are in control of your mood and the energy that you emit so make it gentle and positive. Focus more on the good. There is beauty and love and truth and courage in everything. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the difficult or unfair or unjust, just simply acknowledge it and learn from it. It’s your smile and nothing can stop you from using it.

There is nobody in the whole world like you! Love yourself and only then will you be able to love someone else too. Trust, loyalty and respect should be part of who you are and all you do. Never start trouble but never back away from it either. Stand up for what you believe in but always allow others to have their say. Listen, learn, laugh and live! Have fun, work hard and dream big! Remember that only you can set your limits. Nothing is impossible if you have the courage and determination to achieve it. Always try to be your best!


Don’t judge people, forgiveness is often the hardest lesson to learn, and forgiving yourself is often the hardest thing you may ever need to do. Get fit and live healthy. But enjoy your life! Treat your body well, its the only one you have. Make friends, dance, sing, and have fun! But maintain a high set of morals and values.

Always be good to people. Be friendly and helpful. You never know who you may meet that was purposely put into your life so that you can have a positive affect on them. You touch other people’s lives more than you realise. Be a person that you can be proud of. Don’t compete with anybody but yourself. Always strive to be better today than you were yesterday. Don’t hold your emotions in. Remember to breath slowly. Don’t make hasty decisions and always mind your words! Try to be open and honest but at the same time maintain an element of mysteriousness.


Life is an incredible journey and we are living at an incredible time! Be excited and enjoy everything. Enjoy the small things! The feel of sand between your toes, the smell of wild flowers, the sounds of birds calling at dawn and the smiles on others faces. Face life head-on with passion and courage and love. Get rid of negativity and focus on the positive and good. When you find something that sets your heart on fire, chase it and do it! Never let obstacles stop you, learn from them. Live in the present. Be mindful. Be true to yourself and Always keep on walking!!!


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