Sleeping under the stars.


In beautiful silence the faded orange  flames danced to the silent rythm of my wild heart as I lay down in the cool sand in peace. The sky above me was a deep dark blue with thousands of stars scattered into a formless shape effortlessly reflecting the thoughts drifting through my mind.

In the distance the call of a freckled nightjar is carried across the dark sky by a gentle breeze and the faint rustle of the leaves of an ancient mashatu tree assures me that I am not alone.

My breathing is becoming slower, deeper with the passing moments slowly removing all relevance of time. The soft yellow glow of two fireflies catch my attention, so I lazily watch the pair engrave patterns of light into the darkness surrounding me.

I realise I am happy. I am at peace. The flickering light from the small fire holding back the advancing darkness is all that seems to stop me from seemingly slowly slipping away into the unknown…and I find myself torn. A part of me needs to hold on to the comfort that the glowing flames provide, but another part wants to be completely absorbed into my raw, natural surrounding. To become completely one with it all. Where my breath forms part of the gentle breeze and my heartbeat with the silent rythm of the African night.

My mind is crystal clear, almost liquid in the way my thoughts seem to flow effortlessly through the tangled web that society has built up in my mind. I feel at home. Comfortable. My stresses long since melted away leaving me almost weightless. I breath in deeply and hold my breath…

I can feel the cool night air gently caressing my face as I slowly exhale. Was that a leopard? My senses are so in tune with each small sound echoing off the giant Sandstone walls surrounding me. I pull my sleeping bag higher and my eyes begin to close. With the sunrise will come new adventures, experiences and challenges…Best I be ready.

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